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DETC presents ground-breaking research in Digital Manufacturing at MESIC 2017

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DETC’s Kevin Rampersad presented three “groundbreaking” white papers on behalf of DETC at the recent MESIC 2017 International Conference, in Vigo, Spain — on Digital Readiness Levels (DRL), the concept of the Distributed Factory and Industry 4.0, and an analysis of the used of agent-based simulations in Industry 4.0. The 7th International Conference of the Manufacturing Engineering Society on 28, …

Industry 4.0

State of Play in Digital Readiness Levels – bringing clarity to digital manufacturing

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DETC is helping development of the concept of Digital Readiness Level (DRL) with our delivery partner HSSMI, that has consulted with industry and academia and recently proposed headline challenges for a strategy for delivering effective deployment of digital technologies in manufacturing for businesses. As it further develops and test these concepts, Simon Barnes, HSSMI’s Commercial Director, offers his ‘state of affairs report’ of DRL, and invites further …