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Digital Readiness Level – opportunity for UK industry to start the journey to Digital Manufacturing

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According to a recent report ‘The Digitalisation of the UK Automotive Industry’ commissioned from KPMG by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, Digital manufacturing offers potential for a 3-5% per annum increase in productivity, 15-25% reduction in time to market and 20-35% reduction in machine downtime. At Cenex’s LCV 2017 show today, speaking for HSSMI and DETC, Simon Barnes …

Industry 4.0

State of Play in Digital Readiness Levels – bringing clarity to digital manufacturing

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DETC is helping development of the concept of Digital Readiness Level (DRL) with our delivery partner HSSMI, that has consulted with industry and academia and recently proposed headline challenges for a strategy for delivering effective deployment of digital technologies in manufacturing for businesses. As it further develops and test these concepts, Simon Barnes, HSSMI’s Commercial Director, offers his ‘state of affairs report’ of DRL, and invites further …