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Come to the first VR Drive Summer Drinks meet up in Stratford, 28 July

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In line with our efforts to encourage mingling of expertise in the VR and games sectors with innovators in the Automotive sector, we’d like to draw your attention to the inaugural VR Drive Summer Drinks meet up, on the evening of Friday 28 July.

Digital Jam, in partnership with VeryReal.io and Loading Bar, will be hosting the event in the ideal social setting of Loading Bar’s ‘Secret Weapon’ in Stratford.

Get your Drive on

Digital Jam is an Immersive Technology advisor; Secret Weapon is a traditional pub by day, low-key games space by night; and VeryReal advises companies looking to recruit across the Immersive technology sectors.

​This is a type of initiative we can really get behind, and DETC staff should be out in force, especially, as Digital Jam says, it’ll be an opportunity to, “identify talent actively seeking opportunities with the Automotive industries in Immersive Tech projects, as well as being an opportunity for potential collaborations with studios in attendance”.

The plan is to get together to talk about collaboration, new opportunities and the occasional pitch.

Digital Jam is looking to stir things up with a cocktail of conversation and events designed to facilitate new connections and collaborations, for which they’ve had plenty of practice as co-hosts of the Augmenting Reality Meetup (the UK’s largest VR/AR focused meetup with 4,400+ members) and as the co-chair of the Immerse UK content sub-group.

First come, first served, so as by Digital Jam puts it,“Join us for the inaugural summer drinks and get your Drive on”.

To sign up and find out more see the VR Drive Summer Drinks registration page.

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