Gravity Sketch demo at DETC stand at VR World

Steering the digital sector to look over the horizon at VR World

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DETC had the pleasure of showcasing some of its affiliates’ new digital tools at this week’s VR World 2017 — a two day conference and exhibition on the impact of immersive technologies in business and industry beyond gaming.

Held at Olympia, London, on 16 and 17 May 2017, VR World brought together developers and creators of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality experiences to network and demonstrate tools and technologies across business and industry sectors, including in Engineering, Automotive & Manufacturing.

Jon Horsley, Digital Engineering & Test Centre’s Programme Director, in his presentation at the Innovation Theatre on Day 2, on ‘The Role of VR, AR and MR in Product Design and Development’, invited delegates to the DETC stand and visit its offices at Here East at Olympic Park, Stratford.

“The government sees immersive, gaming, and other digital technologies such as high power computing as having a lot bigger role to play in engineering. And because the UK has got a very strong automotive engineering base the interest is there to make it as globally competitive as possible.”

“We’re here to try to bring new digital technologies into automotive engineering.”

“So, if you’re looking at stuff that’s over the horizon, that has risk attached to it meaning it may or may not come off big, then the UK government is willing to help you take a punt.”

New connections were made, and ideas exchanged, so many of the 1500 plus show visitors (mostly technology practitioners) may, we hope, be inspired to develop and apply immersive technologies to the automotive sector – and Jon concluded his talk with an invitation to this specialist audience to visit DETC at Olympic Park, saying “…you can come and hot desk. We’ve got a couple of immersive spaces – all free to use. Come and hook up”.

The DETC stand included demonstrations of:

  • A demo customisable vehicle in VR – showing a realistic view of how choices of colour and accessories will affect the look of a vehicle in VR
  • A showroom of the future: a customisable space showing the effects of different lighting conditions using VR
  • Gravity Sketch intuitive multi-platform 3D creation tool. This offers a new approach to automotive design for the masses. Users can create amazing 3D models, scenes, and art work in a fun and intuitive way, and can take models out of the VR scene for importing directly into a game or another design or CAD tool

Kevin Rampersad found the show, “…  good for business to business meet ups. There was a lot interesting tech on display. Of course, we brought one of the most interesting displays, showcasing SMEs helping the update of digital tools in the automotive sector.”

Majenta Solutions and Gravity Sketch showed what they are doing and how working with DETC is benefiting them in developing their tools and solutions.”

These DETC affiliates were themselves featured as a show highlight by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) News and Professional Engineering magazine’s reporter Joseph Flaig:


… and to sum it all up, here’s a brief video to give more of the flavour of DETC’s presence at VR World 2017.


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