Presenting over-the-horizon opportunities for squeezing design cycle times at LCV 2017

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DETC wowed visitors to the Cenex LCV 2017 low carbon vehicle show at Millbrook today and yesterday, that tried out immersive experiences, many of whom did so for the first time.

In the ‘Innovation Zone’, DETC’s demo was an interactive example of the type of ‘over-the-horizon’ opportunity presented by digital tools, and showed what could be done in the automotive sector to vastly speed the design process.

Throughout the two day show DETC staff were in demand as word spread of the chance to step inside a virtual wind tunnel to test windflowers, and even lean inside the engine compartment and interior to visualise detailed design elements.

Meanwhile, in the Main Plenary Hall at Automatic Council’s discussion of Developments in Powertrain Technologies, Jon Horsley suggested that the automotive sector raise its sights to take advantage of such potential and engage with digital technologies for “over-the-horizon opportunities”.

Virtually Perfect Design

Then in the Workshop Zone, in partnership with Hartree Centre and Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC), DETC showed an integration of the Gravity Sketch instant virtual design tool that output in real-time to Autodesk Flow CFD visualisation software, to instantly show airflow around the resulting simulated design concept.

Applying suggestions from the audience Gravity Sketch showed iterations to a car design in an immersive environment (also wearing wearing a HTC Vive headset), with the output loaded into Autodesk Flow software visualising airflow around the resulting simulated design concept.

At the same time VEC engineers were in place to instantly visualise these changes from various points of view in order to see and measure the effects of suggestions, from subtle ones like panel colours, practical detail such as rear view mirror shape or wacky ones such as rear spoilers.

Concluded Andy Scarisbrick, who hosted the demo, “The obvious impression of these examples is of a virtual design studio, as an example of some of the more out-of-the-box thinking going on outside the auto industry, and intended to squeeze the production time of vehicles.”

“We receive dozens of new ideas as we meet dozens of companies a month. By providing pizza and beer, it’s amazing what they can do!”.

The next such VR Drive event is in Stratford on Friday 29 September VR Drive, VR Drive at 7:00 – 10:00 PM BST. Book now or risk missing out

DETC and HSSMI DLR announcement on Day 2

On day 2 Kevin Rampersad presented on Industry 4.0 and the Distributed Factory, after Simon Barnes had announced the joint HSSMI and DETC initiative to invite UK business to engage in a sneak preview of the Design Readiness Levels initiative.

An image gallery of Day 1 activities and exhibits is below. Click on each image to enlarge.

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