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One week to go to the August VR Drive Summer Drinks in Stratford

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After last month’s successful first VR Drive drinks meet up here in Stratford, DETC will be back on for a round or two at another VR Drive Summer Drinks, at the Secret Weapon on the evening of Friday 25 August.

We’ll be meeting up at the gaming pub Loading Bar: Secret Weapon and will be hosted again by our affiliate advisor Digital Jam for a gathering of VR and gaming experts, mixed with innovators working in the automotive sector.

Collaborations and initiatives

For this, the second, monthly meet up we’ll be talking about collaborations and initiatives from which both gaming and automotive industries could derive benefit.

As Kevin Rampersad, DETC Manager, put it “This is a great opportunity to ‘mash up’ key players from these industries. We’ve seen very successful cross sector collaborations with our affiliates due to the synergetic nature of the companies involved in gaming, VR and automotive.”

Tanya Laird, Digital Jam’s founder, will be facilitating. Tanya is co-host of the Augmenting Reality Meetup (the UK’s largest VR/AR focused meet up with 4,400+ members) and is co-chair of the Immerse UK content sub-group.

So expect conversation and new connections.


The inaugural VR Drive event attracted over 160 VR, gaming, and automotive insiders, so you might want to Register early to be able to be in time to book for our Summer Drinks meet up next Friday.

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