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Digital Readiness Level – opportunity for UK industry to start the journey to Digital Manufacturing

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According to a recent report ‘The Digitalisation of the UK Automotive Industry’ commissioned from KPMG by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, Digital manufacturing offers potential for a 3-5% per annum increase in productivity, 15-25% reduction in time to market and 20-35% reduction in machine downtime.

At Cenex’s LCV 2017 show today, speaking for HSSMI and DETC, Simon Barnes announced an opportunity for UK companies to gain early access to a programme designed to initiate strategies for digital manufacturing, and so provide an advance opportunity for these companies to take advantage of such competitive benefits.

Over the last 12 months HSSMI and its partners including the Digital Engineering and Test Centre (DETC) have been working on a model to facilitate manufacturing operations designed to deliver on the ambition of ‘how to do digital’.

This work is based on the analysis of other world-class models and integration of the best UK industry knowledge and academia into a new concept of Digital Readiness Level (DRL).

This open resourced concept follows the direction of other respected indicators such as Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL); both widely known and referred to, internally and within businesses supply chains, and both contributing to understanding of states of play and ambition.

Technology and value

DRL identifies the challenges of delivering technological integration into a digital format at the same time as identifying and assessing the value that digital will create. These two key elements of technology and value are complemented by an assessment of leadership. A questionnaire-based assessment derives a DRL on a consistent basis for all sizes and types of business.

Establishing your organisation’s Digital Readiness Level, gives direction and ambition for an affordable, achievable strategy for digital manufacturing.

First mover advantage

Ahead of an official launch planned for November, HSSMI and DETC is today announcing an open invitation to UK manufacturing businesses to engage with DRL. In return for helping with final fine-tuning, participating companies can be provided with detailed reviews of their own readiness for digital manufacturing.

Simon Barnes, Commercial Director of HSSMI said, “DRL is a clear way to start on the journey to deriving value from digital manufacturing. It creates a common language both within organisations and with supply chain partners. Just like TRL and MRL we intend DRL to be a simple, clear, popular concept adopted widely across industry.”

Jon Horsley, Director of DETC said, “We are proud to be managing the validation of DRL for the group. This opportunity for a sneak preview of DRL offers these companies a definite competitive edge on the journey to digitalisation”.

To grasp this opportunity

For the opportunity to steal a march on your competitors ahead of the official launch of DRL, contact Simon Barnes at, 020 3823 5622, or visit the DETC stand in Hall 1 at LCV 2017 on for the rest of today (Thursday 7 September 2017).

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