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The presence of the Digital Engineering and Test Centre (DETC) at the prestigious CENEX/Millbrook LCV2016 show is set to show how the automotive sector could benefit from collaboration with London’s digital sector and capitalise on state-of-the-art developments in digital engineering and gaming technology. DETC will be showcasing augmented reality (AR) on the centrepiece of the “GREAT” pavilion at LCV2016. Its aim being to demonstrate how digital technologies can help develop solutions to automotive design & manufacturing challenges.

Jon Horsley, DETC programme director, commented: “It is fantastic to see the DETC showcasing augmented reality on the GREAT pavilion at the LCV2016.  We will show to the automotive how, by applying rapidly evolving virtual engineering technology to the UK’s automotive sector, we will significantly enhance our global competitiveness and help to deliver the reality of a true Propulsion Nation putting the UK at the forefront of automotive product and manufacturing R&D.

“Also, within HSSMI’s stand (36 SQM – Spaces: C3208) the hosting organisation of DETC, examples of virtual reality will demonstrate the opportunities for manufacturing R&D across different sectors”.

In order to expand cross-sector collaboration, DETC will be opening its second Collaborative R&D funding program at LCV2016, and will host a consortium -building event at its Olympic Park offices on the 4th October to bring academic and commercial organisations in the broader digital engineering sector together with automotive to help solve some of the upcoming challenges facing automotive in the fields of design, development, manufacturing, testing, validation and verification of increasingly more complex vehicle systems.

DETC will explain the funding support available as well as talk about some exciting DETC project ideas to seed your own thoughts around new collaborations, research, and project work.

The Consortium-building event will feature well-known companies in the automotive sector, such as Ford and McLaren, and from the Digital sector such as Epic Games, Inition, and Majenta.

The DETC is a unique industry-academic venture within the Loughborough University London campus on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, focusing on both product development and advanced manufacturing engineering, and is also a member of the APC Spoke network.

Co-located with the High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute and the Advanced Propulsion Centre’s (APC) London office, the DETC brings specific functional, technological and regional capability to the APC’s network as well as being a member of the APC Spoke network.


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