NEW to the Digital Engineering and Test Centre?

We are Open To All and Free to join!
1. Learn more about the DETC

Find out how joining the DETC as either an Associate or Full Affiliate can be beneficial for your business.


2. Become an Associate Affiliate

You can engage with the DETC and learn more before committing further by joining the Centre as an Associate Affiliate. In this position you can:

  • Engage with the DETC
  • Benefit from the use of our Virtual Engineering (VE)  facilities and free use of hot desks in our London office
  • Explore ways to use VE to benefit your own business

At this stage, there will be an NDA in place between the DETC and your business.

3. In Depth DETC engagement

If you are ready to engage in more depth, contribute to the Centre and participate in the DETC’s grant funding programme, talk to us about becoming a Full Affiliate.

4. Become a Full Affiliate

As a full affiliate you will be able to:

  • Participate in Collaborative R&D projects
  • Host supported PhD’s
  • Use DETC generated core IP
  • Participate in setting the DETC’s strategic direction.

For more information about using DETC IP please see ‘Overview of IP rights of Full DETC Affiliates‘ and Core Activity Intellectual Property Agreement.

Please see ‘Examples of Contribution‘ for more information about contributing to the centre.

What we can offer


Engineering Services


Our Affiliates companies often have a specific issue or challenge to address that requires innovation and the application of new technology.

The DETC works to develop bespoke solutions to meet specific objectives at a very competitive cost. We will bring experienced engineers into your business to work with your team, matching our culture to yours.

Through this service we can review your digital engineering tools and methods, optimising them for efficiency, performance, sustainability and cost.



Our research programmes cover a broad range of digital engineering and test manufacturing and product design subjects. Affiliates can apply to join research programmes.
Joining a research collaboration can be a major benefit to your organisation. Through research you will:
• Work with world class academia
• Collaborate with global partners
• Have the opportunity to share the IP of new products and services
• Receive a contribution to your time and expenses (subject to the specific programme)
Our work is for the benefit of all. To achieve this we:
• Co-operate with UK government and departments, putting the case for additional resources
• Facilitate and influence industry co-operation
• Run events to support industry improvement
• Promote and share engineering knowledge to inspire next generation engineers.



BIS has awarded DETC a grant of £6.75M towards the running costs of the Centre in accordance with a detailed proposal submitted in February 2015. Funding is contingent upon the Centre receiving at least 60.8% of the total net eligible costs of the DETC project from industry, amounting to £10.45M. Of the total £6.75M award, £2.75M is earmarked to pump-prime the work of DETC with early collaborative projects that are subject to further appraisal and approval by the APC. The DETC is open to all and project funding is available to its affiliates.