Digital Engineering and Test Centre (DETC) Launch Event

Thank you to all of our attendees! It was a great success, and your participation meant a lot to us.



The primary focus of the event was to introduce you to the exciting opportunities in developing solutions to automotive design & manufacturing challenges using digital engineering, gaming, big-data, and high-power computing.

We are now aiming to bring together the “Digital London” sector with the UK automotive manufacturers and powertrain engineers to begin unlocking the enormous potential for collaborative developments.

Get involved:
  • Learn about the opportunities of bringing Digital and Gaming technologies into Automotive product design and manufacturing
  • Learn about state of the art developments within the industry
  • Showcase your Company Technology to your Industry Peers
  • Please contact us for more information here
Download the PDF presentations from the DETC Spoke Launch Event agenda below:
From 09:00 Registration
10:00 An informal introduction for newcomers to the automotive sector on the exciting technological activity in the UK Mr Jon Horsley, Programme Director, Digital Engineering & Test Centre
10:20 Networking break, registration for main event, refreshments and 1st floor open.  
10:50 Welcome to the Digital Engineering & Test Centre Launch event Welcome by Mr David Pearson, Chair to the DETC  Advisory Board
11:00 Opening keynote and scene-setting presentations Dr Graham Hoare, Director of Global Vehicle Evaluation & Verification, Ford Motor Co.
Mr Garry Wilson, Business Development Director, Advanced Propulsion Centre
Mr Jon Horsley, Programme Director, Digital Engineering & Test Centre
12:00 Current state of the art of digital engineering in automotive Dr Byron Mason, Senior lecturer in Advanced Propulsion, Loughborough University London
12:15 Current state of the art in the digital sector Ms Caroline Gorski, Head of IoT, Digital Catapult
12:30 11 x 3-min pitches Chaired by Mr Mark Matchett, Automotive Specialist, Knowledge Transfer Network
13:15 Lunch, Exhibition, and Option sessions ·         APC showcase
·         Industrie 4.0 in action
·         Loughborough University NCAARS
14:15 Afternoon keynote: “Digital engineering at   McLaren” Mr Mark Roberts, Design Studio Manager,  McLaren Automotive Ltd

Mr Mark Rein, CEO, EPIC Games

14:35 An Overview of the new Digital Engineering roadmaps Mr Andy Scarisbrick, Research Manager, Digital Engineering & Test Centre
14:50 Industrie 4.0 – An introduction to the                  opportunities Mr Simon Barnes, Commercial Director, High Speed    Sustainable Manufacturing Institute
15:05 “A Digital Vision of the Future” Mr Dean Franks, N. European Automotive Sales Director, Autodesk
15:20 Q&A from the day, Wrap-up Chaired by Prof Mike Caine, Dean, Loughborough University London
15:40 Exhibition and Option sessions ·         APC showcase
·         Industrie 4.0 in action
·         Loughborough University NCAARS
16:20 Drinks reception  Kindly sponsored by Loughborough University London