DETC Affiliates



The DETC is a publicly funded centre open to all UK organisations (commercial and academic of all sizes) who are interested in developing and using digital engineering tools and techniques to improve automotive product and manufacturing-process design. The aspiration is to reduce development cost and time of these processes by half. The overarching aims are to enhance the competitiveness of UK organisations in the global automotive sector and to contribute to the sector-wide push to reduce the environmental impact of road vehicles.

The DETC operates an affiliate model in which organisations join the DETC in order to engage with digital engineering projects and development activities, both for their own individual gain, to help build the centre’s capability, and to help create the essential critical-mass of activity required to anchor these key businesses in the UK. The DETC does not charge organisations to become affiliates, but asks only that organisations commit to a level of activity with the centre, and to work alongside the centre’s core principles and aims.

Affiliation must be of benefit to both the joining organisations and the centre for it to work, and this agreement is deliberately “light touch”. It is intended to clearly state the requirements and benefits of affiliation and to also make clear that it is not burdensome but an aid to good collaboration.

The Benefits of Affiliation

There are many direct and indirect benefits of affiliation, including –

  • Opportunity to participate in DETC collaborative R&D (“CR&D”) projects, in which
    • Consortium can leverage some DETC resource (engineers, lab space, office space) for use on the project
    • Consortium members may be able to draw some grant from the DETC Project fund towards their eligible costs
  • Opportunity for DETC to part-fund PhD researchers working within an affiliate’s organisation (or supervised by it, in the case of the affiliate being a university)
  • Free access to hot-desk space and development facilities in DETC, whilst on Digital Engineering & Test related work and subject to availability
  • Priority access to DETC events and workshops
  • Access to DETC-developed know-how and IP, from the date of affiliation, i.e. not retrospectively
  • Promotion of the organisation by the centre as an affiliate and being part of the Digital Engineering & Test community

The process to be come an affiliate can be found here. Please contact us at for more information.